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Our generous board is key to connecting students and faculty with industry, advancing research and promoting awareness of information technology.

Board Members

Why Become A Member? 

Working with the business community, in many different ways, is the main thrust of the ITRI's mission. Understanding and advancing information technology as a discipline requires a collaborative effort of academics and businesses, and the potential synergies provided by this relationship are enormous.

Membership is the mechanism for forming sound and lasting relationships between the ITRI and the business community. In return for its annual membership gift, a member company benefits from access to a number of activities and services sponsored by the ITRI. Members also enjoy many indirect benefits of their association with the University, such as peer networking and organizational visibility to the academic community.

Member involvement helps to build a strong infrastructure to attracting high caliber students and faculty to the University and to support the many activities and services of the institute. A strong, functioning institute generates benefits for all members.

If you would like more information about membership or about becoming a member, please contact Eric Bradford, managing director, at

Member Benefits

  • Links to the research and teaching programs of a major university
  • Benefit from both the research process and the knowledge gained from it
  • Access to some of the world's best researchers in a variety of areas in the Walton College and the U of A
  • Members are given the opportunity to work collaboratively with faculty and students on emerging research issues
  • Provided early notice of ITRI sponsored research and results

Research with Members

The primary purpose of the Information Technology Research Institute is to advance the state of practice and research in the development and use of information technology. Our philosophy is that mutually beneficial research relationships are possible, and necessary, between the ITRI and ITRI members. In achieving this research goal, both parties (ITRI and members) must be actively engaged in the process; each has roles in the process ultimately leading to benefits for both.

Research Participation

To discuss a possible research project with the ITRI, contact Eric Bradford at

Role of Members:

  • Serve as research sites - Member organizations provide the perfect environment to conduct research. Case studies, action research (where the researcher takes part in the phenomenon being studied), and surveys are examples of the types of research possible with the help of participating members. Of course, all research is a collaborative effort between the ITRI and members; members have ultimate authority in the conduct of research.
  • Suggest and help develop research on topics expected to be of general interest - The most attractive research projects benefit multiple members. Many times, the research project is suggested by one member, but has application to several members.
  • Participate in research meetings - Selected members are invited to research meetings. These meetings are used to (1) discuss findings of current research; (2) update in-progress research projects; or (3) solicit ideas for new research projects. Invited members should make every effort to attend.
  • Provide feedback / input to the ITRI - Industry sponsors influence the direction and research of the ITRI. Future research projects are driven by the needs of the members. Members are invited to provide feedback / input concerning the future direction and research projects of the ITRI.
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